M. Robert Grunwald, Freelance Writer


I write with both sides of the brain, and I'm an accomplished playwright as well as a successful copywriter and nonfiction author. I've discovered that each aspect of my craft benefits the others: crafting for marketing clients can influences dialogue, while creative endeavors bring freshness to copy and articles.

My one-act comedy, Cancelled, published by London's Off-the-Wall Plays, was selected as a finalist for the Riant Theatre of New York's Strawberry One-Act Festival and placed second in the Little Theatre of Alexandria's annual playwriting competition. More information is available on the play's official site.

My work-in-progress full-length play, Greetings from Fort Desperation, has received acclaim from San Diego Playwrights and Diversionary Theatre.

Photos from Meadville (PA) Community Theatre's 2016 production of Cancelled.